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About us


Simple 3D Solutions Ltd is a small family owned business established in Stone, Stoke-On-Trent in 2018, designing and manufacturing best in class wall mounts and brackets for a wide range of Sky* Q* and BT* TV and Internet devices.

Our passion for premium quality and robust, functional engineering design allow us to deliver simple, unique solutions to everyday problems. With 20 years engineering experience in both conventional and cutting-edge additive manufacturing techniques, we are confident that we can provide you with unrivalled quality wall brackets coupled with an exemplary customer service, that you simply will not find elsewhere. In fact, we are so confident, we operate a 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee policy.

We also believe in striving to make a positive contribution to our community & environment. This means that all of our materials and wall mounts range are manufactured responsibly. We strive to use recycled raw materials where possible and we recycle anything that we can from our supply chain as well. That’s why we are a proud user of Filamentive, recycled 3D printing filaments for all of our additively manufactured wall brackets range. 

Furthermore, Simple 3D Solutions is proud supporter of our local charity House of Bread (HoB), which helps vulnerable people in the Staffordshire area. We regularly donate a percentage of our sales to HoB, and every purchase you make on this website contributes to this as well.

To ensure we can continue to provide our customers with our unique range of wall mount and brackets, we have IP protected all of our designs. However, imitations can still be found online and therefore please beware. The Simple 3D Solutions logo, found on all of our products guarantees you a premium product of the highest quality, that will last, and that represent the values on which our business was founded.


We are pioneers of cutting-edge additive manufacturing (ALM) technologies that deliver efficient and competitive engineering solutions, vital to solving everyday problems; quickly!

The breadth of our in-house expertise covers a wide spectrum of ALM processes and materials, using various metals and plastics in challenging engineering applications. This knowledge is what we offer to our consultancy customers who may just have an idea and need an experienced, affordable partnership to help develop and/or bring their ideas to commercial fruition.

We employ our additive manufacturing expertise and our engineering / manufacturing experience into developing and bringing our own unique premium innovations to market for our customers to enjoy around the globe.


We are building our reputation not only by relying on innovation and timely availability of our products and services but also delivering unrivalled quality in all our activities to fulfil our 100% customer satisfaction promise.

Design and innovation are key to the success of our business, which is why we rely on our in-house professionals nearly two decades experience, to provide our customers with quality engineering solutions that outperform any other product on the market.

This is only completed by using the best in class materials to guarantee the mechanical performance and long product life. This commitment to excellence is upheld by a rigorous quality control policy which is employed by our whole supply chain.


Sustainability is a critical part of how we do business. We are always seeking opportunities to further embed social and environmental responsibility into our business activities and operations.

​Our prototyping and product commercialisation activities strictly utilise 100% recycled, biodegradable plastics with highly efficient machinery in order to comply with our zero-waste ethos. Thanks to Filamentive, who are an integral part of our sustainable supply chain.

​We are a proud supporter of House of Bread, a local charity in Stafford who regularly receive donations as a percentage of income generated within the business.